Pizza Masters S01E06 - Sal's Big Fat Italian Birthday

Pizza Masters


It's Sal's birthday, and his cousin Fran has a surprise party planned for him. He's invited the whole family to come celebrate, dozens of fun, happy, loud Italians of all ages partying in Fran's big house in Staten Island. Before the shindig, Fran has to keep Sal occupied all day so he doesn't catch wind of the party. So he has set up a special birthday lunch for Sal at his favorite Asian restaurant in the city, Xi'an Famous Foods, where owner and chef Jason Wang will give Sal a private lesson on the secrets of hand pulled noodles and dumplings. Fran has also arranged a custom batch of lemon meringue birthday doughnuts from Fany Gerson at Dough for the party, but they are not ready in time so Fran stalls as he tells Sal they have to head to Artichoke Pizza to handle a "big order." Finally, Fran and Sal head to the house in Staten Island and, when they arrive, Sal's completely surprised! The whole family is there, some of whom he hasn't seen in a long time. They celebrate his BIG, FAT ITALIAN BIRTHDAY the only way they know how ... family, fun and lots of great food!


  • Status: Transmitido
  • Data de Exibição: 20/01/2015
  • Duração do Episódio: 30 minutos
  • Emissora: US Cooking Channel

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