South Side Story S01E01 - Episode 1

South Side Story


Following his showdown with Alistair, Gilly's world as he knows it is hanging by a thread. His relationship with his group Trilogy and best friend Fayy is falling apart at the seams.

Desperate to get the situation back on track, it's not long before Gilly is begging best mate Levi to come to his rescue, but is it too late?

Life isn't much better for love cheat Alistair. His romantic commitments take a turn for the worse when the main ladies in his life Yinka and

Fayy invite him down to a music weekender in the same time.

In an attempt to keep both girls happy, Alistair is forced into an unlikely partnership, but can he trust this new alliance, and will his two-timing ways finally catch up with him?


  • Status: Transmitido
  • Data de Exibição: 26/01/2015
  • Duração do Episódio: 30 minutos
  • Emissora: GB BBC Three

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