The Alvin Show

The Alvin Show


This is a show about three chipmunks who are stars. This show has been canceled but i think you can get reruns on video. It was made in the 50's - see what i mean?. I am going to buy the show on video. Then, I'll atleast see the show. I have only see a clip of it, yet i loved it!! It is the most adorable show i've ever seen! Lyrics This is the Alvin Show, The Alvin Show, You'll positively gonna love the Alvin Show. There's Dave Seville, And what is more Here's the boy we know as Theodore. Now you see, On camera three, The brother known as Simon on the family tree. And here's the star of the show, Alvin, Alvin! (musical interlude) Spoken: I am Clyde Crashcup Spoken: Clyde Crashcup, the great inventor. Ready, here we go, Here's the Alvin Show.


  • Status: Finalizada
  • Gênero: Infantil, Musical
  • Estréia: 04/10/1961
  • Fim: 28/03/1962
  • Emissora: US CBS
  • Duração do Episódio: 22 minutos


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