The brainchild of Eric Khoo, Folklore reinvents six distinct and haunting tales that have lingered on through generations of regional superstitions across Asia. From a menacing child spirit in Malaysia to a possessed tatami mattress in Japan, Folklore offers a chilling foray into Eastern mythologies of the occult and the supernatural.

Descend into the origins of fear as six acclaimed directors breathe new life into classic Asian ghost stories steeped in the histories and landscapes of their home countries. Enter the worlds they have left ajar, where the living is only half the story, and fear defines the folk


  • Status: Em exibição
  • Gênero: Terror, Suspense
  • Estréia: 07/10/2018
  • Próximo Episódio: Indefinido
  • Emissora: SG HBO Asia
  • Duração do Episódio: 60 minutos


  • 6 - Mongdal Exibido em 11/11/2018
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  • 5 - Toyol Exibido em 04/11/2018
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  • 4 - Pob Exibido em 28/10/2018
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  • 3 - Nobody Exibido em 21/10/2018
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  • 2 - Tatami Exibido em 14/10/2018
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  • 1 - A Mother's Love Exibido em 07/10/2018
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