Jack Whitehall: Fatherhood with My Father

Jack Whitehall: Fatherhood with My Father


The series will see Jack Whitehall embark on one of life's great journeys as he is about to become a father for the first time. Fatherhood with My Father will reunite Jack with his father Michael on a path of discovery and adventure as they try to crack the answers to parenthood's endless questions. In their own inimitable and hilarious way, Jack and Michael will travel the world, examining what fatherhood means across the globe, discussing the Dad that Michael is and the one that Jack wants to be.


  • Status: Em desenvolvimento
  • Gênero: Comédia
  • Estréia: Indefinida
  • Próximo Episódio: Indefinido
  • Emissora: US Netflix


Esta série ainda não tem nenhum episódio disponível.

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