De Blauwe Gids

De Blauwe Gids


In the brand new series De Blauwe Gids (The Blue Guide), reporter Luc Haekens delves into the world of the Belgian aristocracy. For eight weeks, he climbs one step higher on the ladder of nobility. By Esquire to prince, all of them open - after much insistence - their castle gates and leave the viewer into a previously closed and unfamiliar world.

There appear to be nice and warm people living with fascinating stories. After a while Haekens may even travel with the Duke of Arenbergh and Count d'Ursel, and thanks to Knight d'Ydewaele allowed the camera for the first time in the Club's Blood Chapel, where the nobility monthly venerates the Holy Blood of Christ. Simon de Merode takes him to one of the most expensive wine cellars in the world, and he goes on vacation with Princess Désirée von Hohenlohe, to the luxury resort in Marbella, that her father founded his aristocratic friends.

The Blue Guide is as it not only includes a television series, but is supported by a paper version. The book "The Blue Guide" is displayed simultaneously with the broadcast on television.


  • Status: Finalizada
  • Estréia: 29/10/2015
  • Fim: 17/12/2015
  • Emissora: BE VIER
  • Duração do Episódio: 50 minutos


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