The main character of this story is Peter Reshetnikov, a little over thirty, a successful screenwriter. But he is a successful screenwriter in one life, in the second he is the head of the Alibi agency. The agency is engaged in the services of drawing up an alibi for its clients, whether it be a cover for a husband who told his wife that he was flying on a business trip, and he himself with his mistress on vacation, or a cover for an employee in front of an employer. They can also conduct surveillance, monitor surveillance, engage in a variety of cases, but only without going beyond the law. For him, the best "movie" is life. He solves the problems of strangers easily, fervently, engagingly. He has a family: Olga, wife, documentary filmmaker, rarely shoots, but as a wife she is wonderful. And son Sasha, studying in the eleventh grade at school, is smart, the pride of parents, there was no transitional age, nor any problems with his parents. Happy family. True, the household does not know about Reshetnikov's second life. Reshetnikov's usual comfortable life collapses at the moment when his wife comes to his agency and asks for an alibi, because she cheated on her husband. She does not see him, as Reshetnikov is talking to clients behind the glass and his voice changes with modulation, so Olga is sure that everything is kept secret. Not having time to recover from the news of the betrayal, he learns that his son is meeting with his teacher. Trying to solve the problem of his family, Reshetnikov, step by step, only worsens the situation. How will it end?



Sobre a Série