Darwin's Brave New World

Darwin's Brave New World


Darwin's Brave New World recounts the extraordinary and often harrowing story of Charles Darwin's 30-year struggle to piece together the mystifying puzzle he saw in nature and finally publish his theory about the evolution of life on earth. In this three-part dramatised series, we meet the man, his family, and the colleagues who supported him through years of illness, isolation, agonizing self-doubt and religious crisis. We gain a glimpse into the courage and tenacity it took Darwin and the other great thinkers who surrounded him to change the way they understood the world, and their place in it.


  • Status: Finalizada
  • Gênero: Drama, História
  • Estréia: 08/11/2009
  • Fim: 22/11/2009
  • Emissora: US ABC
  • Duração do Episódio: 60 minutos


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