Чёрные бушлаты

Чёрные бушлаты


A four-part military film about a fearless detachment of scouts, along with whom a young sniper girl is sent to the battle mission at the very beginning of the Great Patriotic War.

1941 year. The commander of the Northern Fleet, Admiral Golovin, anticipating the inevitability of a great war, creates a special reconnaissance and sabotage unit aimed at carrying out bold operations behind enemy lines.In the first days of the war, the commander of the reconnaissance unit, Sergeant Leontiev, was instructed to correct the fire of two destroyers on a German artillery battery located in an inaccessible place on the rocky shores of the Barents Sea. With a detachment of scouts on the job is a girl-sniper Maria Belaya, who has her scores to the "Fritzes".



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