Обратная сторона любви

Обратная сторона любви


Natalia - an ordinary girl, fragile, but with a strong character, dreamed of becoming a fashion designer, but it did not work out. Ten years ago she was abandoned by her fiancé Eugene. Now she alone brings up her son, works two jobs, lives in a communal apartment and sometimes sews clothes to order.

Natalia hopes that one day she will find her only one - to live alone is hard, and her son needs a father. And she meets such a person. Crossing the road, Natalya gets under the wheels of an expensive foreign car. At the wheel - local businessman Mikhail, owner of a chain of clothing stores. He is courteous and gallant. Natalia and Mikhail start dating. Soon Natalia is very useful to Mikhail's business, as he makes her the director of one of his stores.

The heroine rejoices that at last she has found happiness. But Mikhail 's mother is opposed to her and does everything to quarrel with her son. Unexpectedly, Natalia's former bridegroom and the father of her child return. And most importantly, Mikhail is not at all the same person that Natalia thought him to be...


  • Status: Finalizada
  • Gênero: Drama, Romance
  • Estréia: 17/03/2018
  • Fim: 17/03/2018
  • Emissora: RU Россия 1
  • Duração do Episódio: 47 minutos


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