The Wieners Circle

The Wieners Circle


Welcome to the wildest wiener stand this side of the Mississippi. When late night revelers on the north side of Chicago step into The Wiener's Circle, they get more than a late night bite, they get a blast of sass from a food-slinging crew that puts the "cuss" back in customer service! As if that wasn't enough, those customers who are willing to take the fun to the next level are invited to try their hands at outrageously irreverent and hilariously embarrassing challenges, with free hot dogs, burgers and fries as a prize. At The Wiener's Circle, you don't just get dinner, you get a show.


  • Status: Finalizada
  • Estréia: 20/03/2012
  • Fim: 17/04/2013
  • Emissora: US truTV
  • Duração do Episódio: 30 minutos


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