Soseki Natsume's Wife

Soseki Natsume's Wife


Nakane Kyoko grew up in a wealthy family and was raised by her strict father Shigekazu who did not see learning as a necessity. At 19, Kyoko was introduced to Natsume Soseki as a prospective marriage partner. The two of them were drawn to each other and got married. Soseki took up a post in Kumamoto as a high school teacher and this was the beginning of their new married life. Although Soseki was an extraordinary intellectual, he did not know the warmth of family because he was given up for adoption as a child. In an attempt to understand her husband, Kyoko tried to read what he read, interacted with his friends and joined difficult conversations. But she was not exactly successful. Then she miscarried their first child and her attempted suicide because of loneliness caused a commotion. How would husband and wife overcome this crisis?


  • Status: Finalizada
  • Gênero: Drama, Romance
  • Estréia: 24/09/2016
  • Fim: 15/10/2016
  • Emissora: JP NHK
  • Duração do Episódio: 73 minutos


  • 4 - Episode 4 Exibido em 15/10/2016
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  • 3 - Episode 3 Exibido em 08/10/2016
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  • 2 - Episode 2 Exibido em 01/10/2016
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  • 1 - Episode 1 Exibido em 24/09/2016
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