Jake & Blake

Jake & Blake


The story of two teenage twins separated at birth who are unaware of each other's existence. Destiny reunites them and both decide to take advantage of the physical resemblance, and replace each other to live a special adventure. But nothing will be so simple because although Jake and Blake are the same physically, they have very different personalities. Jake is a seasoned high school student, bright in maths, hyper responsible, a champion swimmer, generous and affectionate. Blake, by contrast, is a successful pop singer, millionaire, self-centered, vain and selfish. Through the covenant, both will begin to live the life of the other. Jake must overcome his shyness, sing before the public and endure the harassment of fans, while Blake must begin to follow the rules to become a brilliant student and learn to live in anonymity. But two girls will cross into their lives: Annie, Jake's friend, and Luz, the president of Blake's fan club. Maintaining the new identity of the twins will be cause for confusion, adventures and romantic entanglements that will embark on the discovery of their own history.



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