Lone Target S02E02 - Mexico

Lone Target


Just south of the U.S. border, on the outskirts of Tijuana, Mexico, Joel takes on the elite Procuraduría General de Justicia del Estado (PGJE) Mexican State Police Force. Specializing in kidnapping, robbery and extortion, the unit hunts down local criminals as well as fugitive Americans who attempt to flee into Mexico. Joel has just 24 hours to navigate through the city of Tijuana and across 12 miles of mountains, open fields, desert scrub and ranch land to reach his extraction point. Using all available assets to hunt Joel, including helicopters, ATV's and city wide surveillance cameras, the PGJE is up for the challenge.


  • Status: Transmitido
  • Data de Exibição: 21/07/2015
  • Duração do Episódio: 60 minutos
  • Emissora: US Discovery Channel

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